Ham & Veggie Pizza

Individual sized keto-friendly ham, bell pepper and mushroom pizza.


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Ham, bell pepper & mushroom pizza on fathead pizza crust. Each pizza approximately 15 cm in diameter.

Cooking Instructions: All pizzas are pre-cooked. Heat in oven or microwave until pizza reaches desired temperature.

Nutritional Information Per Pizza

Calories: 418  |  Fat: 31g  |  Net Carbs: 6g  |  Total Carbs: 11g  |  Fiber 5g  |  Protein: 26g

Ingredients: Crust (mozzarella cheese, almond flour , cream cheese, Italian seasoning, egg), pizza sauce (tomato paste, avocado oil, basil, Italian seasoning), diced ham, bell peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese

**Pickup and delivery rules for pizza**

Pizzas will only be available for pickup or delivery on Tuesdays. To receive your pizza by Tuesday they must be ordered by end of day Saturday.